Thursday, May 23, 2013

Personal is Business, and Business is Personal

You cannot be or conduct your best without taking personal ownership of the craftsmanship...

Very recently, I came across this story about a man that lived his whole like being so diligent with his work that it became him.  He was respected for his quality, commitment, and results.  One day when he reached the point where he was tired and ready to quit, his boss came to him and asked him to do one more job.  Because he was weary and exhausted, and ready to be finished, he cut corners and delivered a substandard result.  His boss then handed over the finished work to him as a personal gift in thankfulness for all the work he had done in all the years he had worked for him.

I think about the various careers we pursue, whether they be in the home or out of the home, having a distinct and important purpose gives each of us worth.  A homemaker does that for a living, but understands also that the job of maintaining a home and raising a child is very important and personal. Maybe they understand something that we all take for granted.  Maybe we would do well to learn from them the value of loving what you do, and doing what you love.  

When I read this story I was immediately moved. This is not just a story about doing work, it's a story about being a work of great worth. It's about being fully committed to the ethical nature of putting your best foot forward, being fully engaged, and doing your best always, even when we are weary and exhausted. If this isn't personal, than nothing is personal.  The truth is, everything is personal... and we should be proud of that...

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