Friday, February 22, 2013

Elevating your CRM Experience with SOCIAL!

As  a CRM advisor and an Inbound Marketing Professional, I see all kinds of cases where companies are striving to get an edge on their marketing by just being able to get a handle on listening.  Listening to their prospects and customers across all platforms in relevant ways, can be the determining factor in success or failure.  Listening is key, and here are some new ways to do it that won't have you running in every direction: #SOCIALCRM

Here are three very important ways Social CRM can enhance your CRM experience:
 ~ A 360 view of all your social platforms in one place can be a time saver, and key benefit to understanding your audience, and a way to help you offer a timely response to inquiries without being superman, or needing ESP! Many of your customers and prospects probably have a preferable mode of communication they prefer to use, and have an insight on this can be a real benefit to great customer service. Being quick to respond, and engaging in Social Circles can also build the kind of rapport you need to close that deal, or keep that client retention.
~ You can see in full what you previously only saw in part!  Let's face it, Social Media can offer us personal insight into places that mean the most to our audience.  Where previously we only saw sides to our customers that were professional and impersonal, SocialCRM allows us to hear their true voice. It allows us to follow what gives them passion, and what fills their values. At the end of the day, understanding what drives a person or a business can ultimately be the difference between helping them succeed, or missing the mark.
~ Reputation is Gold: SocialCRM can help you build it, maintain it, and develop your image among the audiences you are trying to attract.  It gives you sophistication, brand recognition, and credibility among other thought leaders.  It increases your visibility, awareness, and persona before those who need to hear your message, or use your services.  Being engaged is only ever a win.  It is what we all long for when we place every one of those cold calls to the receptionists that never relay our messages.  If you know they are listening, get in front of them!  You cannot close if you don't have an audience.

Traditional CRM's do so many things well for some many sectors, but with emerging new media technologies, it is time to get SOCIAL and lead the charge!  Only the courageous will win!

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